Volunteer Driven


Volunteers...that is what makes Trojan Youth Lacrosse happen...100% of the time.

As a pre-requisite to your child playing within the TYL organization, we do ask for your availability to volunteer when called upon.  We will work around your schedule and your area of volunteer interest. Volunteers are asked to volunteer their time for a minimum of 2-3 hours per season, per family.


The following volunteer jobs are available to support both the TYL Spring and Fall recreational programs:

  • Coach – help to coach a girls or boys team.
  • Trojan Day Helper – (new name for Paperwork Day) Help with set up and take down, check paperwork, help with equipment rental from AJO4, etc.  Must be able to attend Trojan Day.
  • Team Parent – assist coaches with administrative duties for team, as needed.  May include weekly communications, assigning Game Day Crew or timers for home games, or acting as point of contact for TYL activities.  Must be willing to learn Sport NGIN, if needed; easy instructions provided.
  • Paperwork Completer – after Trojan Day, work with head coaches to complete paperwork clearances and collection of deposit checks, by grade level, for girls and boys.  Must be able to attend first practice and use Excel.
  • Uniform Sorter – sort uniforms (done separately for girls and boys,) and deliver to coaches.  Depending on when uniforms arrive, this may have to be done during the day.
  • Uniform Distributor – assist coaches in distribution of uniforms and keep list of who gets what; done by grade level, for girls and boys.  Must be able to attend practice when uniforms are distributed.
  • Team Uniform Collector – assist coaches in collection of uniforms (reversibles only for boys) and ensure all items are collected.  Wash uniforms and return.  Done by team.
  • Field Line Painter – paint lines on fields that will be used for Saturday games. Usually done on Fridays. Training provided!
  • Game Day Crew – for fields used for home games, set up and break down equipment, including cones, scorers’ tables, and balls, and clean up bench area and sidelines.  Done by teams with first and last games of the day.  Will take about 30 minutes with 6 people signed up for each category.  Cannot confirm schedule until after MAYLA schedule is published.  These duties must be done on game days and cannot be left for the coaches.


The following volunteer jobs are available to support the JTL Boys program (Spring only):

  • Paperwork Checker – check paperwork and collect deposit checks at parent meeting.
  • Uniform Sorter – sort shooter shirts, practice shorts, etc.
  • Field Cleaner – for home games only, clean up bench area and make sure field is clean before team leaves.  Help set up cones, scorers’ table, or balls if it is not done.
  • Tourney Tent Helper – Help with tent responsibilities at any tournaments.
  • Party Setter Upper – Help Team Parents set up end-of-season party.
  • Team Uniform Washer – get uniforms from Team Parents and wash and return them.​
  • Fund-Raiser – assist Board Member in charge of fund-raising, as needed. For Card Program, may include help with distribution, collection, or tracking of cards.

Note:  Select Girls teams will solicit their volunteers separately for these jobs.