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Summer 2023 DOT

By jasonburkhart | April 23, 2023

Registration for Defenders of Troy (DOT) summer lacrosse is now open. https://www.lassiterlacrosse. com/defenders-of-troy April 10th is the deadline for our past DOT, current Lassiter High School and Trojan Youth Lacrosse players to secure your roster spot. After that date, registration will be open to other program’s players if there are any available spots. DOT offers 8…

Skill Work from Coach Kemp

By jasonburkhart | December 10, 2022

How To Get Better At Lacrosse: 1) Wall Ball It’s no secret that the ability to throw and catch the ball is the key to being a successful lacrosse player. There are tons of different routines, so players should feel free to get creative and have fun with how they train. In my opinion, the…

Defenders of Troy Fall Registration – Deadline 9/18

By jasonburkhart | December 10, 2022

Hey All – This message is being sent on behalf of the Trojan Lacrosse Booster Club. Trojan Lacrosse Families- After a couple years of having to deal with pandemic related issues, we are so excited to send out information for a full fall/summer schedule the 2022-23 Defenders of Troy (DOT) lacrosse program. For those new…